May 31, 2008

Haiku in Review

Posted in Writing tagged at 11:35 am by adrienne

I grant you, my blog does not pop.  I don’t keep up with it, I don’t really do much with it at all.  Despite my best intentions, it sits neglected – no book reviews, no knitting, etc.  Maybe that’s why Blogger ate my other blog – a bit too dull?  Ah well – I WILL have the last haiku laugh – because I found them! Written here, there, and everywhere. So here’s some of my oldest stuff, written in green because green ink has an interesting history. Check out teabird melanie’s blog for the details.

Rain on the window
Thunder dances with lightning –
Cats sleep soundly on.

Gardens are busy
Butterflies and bees abound
Weeds are always there.

In a summer breeze
Despair of one is too deep
The tree sways softly.

Watching the snow fall
Each flake its own little world
Quietly perfect.

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  1. Carrie K said,

    I’m so glad you found them!

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