August 5, 2008

emma’s revolution, and get smarter while giving food

Posted in activism at 11:08 pm by adrienne

I grew up in Southern Maine, and because of health problems moved back in with my parents 10 years ago. My Mum actually grew up here on the island. Six years ago my parents decided to move here, and with them I went. Two years ago I was introduced to Robert Shetterly and his partner/wife Gail Page (conveniently located half an hour from me). Gail Page is an artist and writer of children’s books like How to Be a Good Dog. Robert paints portraits of different activists for his website Americans Who Tell the Truth, and I am now helping to write the accompanying bios. Since it mostly happens online, it is very convenient for me :). Bored yet? Here’s what I was getting slowly to.

A couple of weeks ago, at a potluck at Rob and Gail’s, I met the activist musician duo of emma’s revolution, named for Emma Goldman and comprised of Pat Humphries and Sandy O. They are extremely nice people, and wonderfully talented singers and musicians. Check them out :).

I’ve found another site to become addicted to – It’s a multiple-choice vocabulary test. For every word you define correctly, the UN World Food Program donates 20 grains of rice to end hunger. It gets harder until you get a word wrong, then it goes back down to an easier word, and gets harder again. Fabulous fun! It doesn’t seem like much – 20 grains per word, but it does add up, and if lots of people are doing it…


  1. Carrie K said,

    Ooh, very cool! and no, not bored. Yet. Sheesh.

    I am so addicted to that FreeRice site. It makes me feel helpful an smarter, unlike Make A Word.

  2. Becky said,

    Glad to hear that you are having fun. Writing the bios sounds very cool. Is that link correct? I was wondering if the website is active yet.

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