August 10, 2008

My Own Knitting Group :)!

Posted in Knitting at 1:24 pm by adrienne

We have some neighbors through the woods, a couple with four girls. They live in the middle of the country and come here for a few weeks every summer. As the weather’s been really rainy lately – they’ve had to occupy themselves as best they can, and one day the two youngest girls came over to learn how to knit. Right. I don’t know how to teach. I tried – and it worked, sort of. Sarah, 7, had only one problem – after wrapping the yarn around the needle, she would lose that yarn trying to bring it through the old stitch to form the new one (see how I struggle to describe the situation?). Becca, 5, had some trouble keeping the needles in the right place so she could form stitches. But, as their father is allergic to cats, and we have four they could run around after, that was the major attraction in coming to the house that day. Or so I thought. On the night of the opening ceremonies for the Olympics, the whole family came over for dinner. Sarah and Becca wanted to knit again, and older sister Sija, 9, wanted to join in. I handed Sarah a project in the round I was working on, had a small swatch for Sija to work on (she knew basically what to do, just needed help from time to time), and settled on the floor with Becca and a tiny swatch to begin again. They were all amazing, had really improved!!! I’m so proud! I’ve learned that I’m better at fixing mistakes than I am with the initial teaching. But I forgot to get pictures, so last night at their camp I took some. Eldest sister Tori, 11, already knows how to knit and was immersed in Harry Potter (and who could blame her?), but I put a photo of her in as well – it’s only fair:


  1. Jill said,

    How are you feeling, my dear? I love the expressions on these girls’ faces!

    Take care,

  2. Miss 376 said,

    I love the look of concentration on their faces. I can remember my mum fixing my mistakes, was most upset when she told me I was old enough to do it for myself! Now I have to do it for my son

  3. Carrie K said,

    Spreading the addiction! Good for you. I can’t teach either. I’m helpless in descriptions. But it looks as if you did quite well in spite of your protestations!

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