September 17, 2008

Haiku on the Cheap

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A friend of mine gave me a small journal-type book for my haiku poems.  When I’m done scribbling on scraps, getting them okayed by two or three critics (I’d say ‘vetted’ if that word hadn’t been flogged to death), I write them nicely in the book.  Here are some examples:

Rain pounding through wind
Wakens the restless spirits
They slide between drops.

The heavens observe
Twined bodies drifting nightly
Through their lazy dance.

When a soul is lost
The wind may rage or whisper
And all is silence.

I love this book:)


September 16, 2008

I know the Twenties Murder Mystery Party was last year,

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but as Blogger ate my blogs, I wanted some pics of it here.  I’m in the red dress, a 19-year old dumb tomato named Carrie Crooner-Ravioli.  The dress is circa 1930s, and I’ve had it since high school.  The single pic of me w/ the feather in a store was my costume last Halloween.  I really had the wrong shoes:).

September 13, 2008

What Could Be a Better Knitting Bag…

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than this?  But she is scary to some (and I will say she photographs as being far more creepy than she is) – if I quote her as saying Cluck, cluck – will it help?