April 19, 2009

I’m really bad at keeping up, but…

Posted in Head Issues, Libraries at 11:57 pm by adrienne

the courseload keeps me busy!  I’ll be home this summer, reading for fun, remembering how to knit, writing biographies, learning Spanish and someday Japanese (can’t have Japanese baseball pitchers and not know how to yell at them like I do to our American pitchers, yes?).  In the meanwhile, here are some head shots from March’s MRI:



  1. melanie said,


  2. Jane said,

    Hi Adrienne-

    Lost track of you for awhile – I haven’t been very active on Knitting the Classics. I see by your blog that you are in school in Boston – that’s great!
    I don’t know what the exrays mean but I hope it’s good!


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