February 8, 2010

Adventuring On…

Posted in Adventuring on..., Libraries at 12:03 am by adrienne

This year, some of my floormates proposed The Year of 52 Adventures – one adventure per week for 2010.  Sounds like a tall order, but the adventures can be as little or as big as you want.  Trying a new restaurant is an adventure.  Opening a new restaurant counts, too. 😛  I’m a little late listing mine, but I’ll try to be better.

Adventure the First – We finally had enough snow that didn’t blow away on the island to make our first snowman there – I dressed it.  (I said it could be small).

Adventure the Second – Attending an LIS online Career Fair at home, in my pajamas, next to the woodstove.  The classy way to attend such functions

Adventure the Third – My first conference!  The ALA Midwinter meeting was held here in Boston – very convenient for me!  It was fun, I wrote for Cognotes, the conference newspaper, and snagged 37  free books plus other goodies!!

Adventure the Fourth – A whirlwind and intense five-day course in Corporate Librarianship.  Visited a couple of such libraries in town, some fast presentations and short analyses, and done!

Adventure the Fifth – A trip to the MFA.  The Museum of Fine Arts is free to Simmons students, and a few of us took a trip last Friday back to Ancient Egypt.  It was a special exhibit, and it was amazing!!  The artwork was colorful and lovely, the boats were incredibly well-preserved, not to mention the head!  I think I need an Eye of Horus tattoo now…


  1. melanie said,


    I always visit Egypt when I go to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. My father, otherwise a decidedly non-spiritual man, thought he was reincarnated from ancient Egypt, but couldn’t identify the time. (No pretensions for him: he know he’d been a working man.) The Temple of Dendur is a powerful place to visit there. Someday —

    An Eye of Horus tattoo — I like the idea. A lot.

  2. Carrie K said,

    It looks like your little adventures got hecka bigger! That sounds fabulous.

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