March 28, 2010

I’m still a weekly adventure behind, but

Posted in Adventuring on... at 1:52 pm by adrienne

here’s the 12th – a sweet little one.  My birthday was this past Tuesday (don’t suppose turning 38 for the first time counts?), and I decided to celebrate the whole week.  Some of my Northie friends threw me a birthday party, and I love them all for it!  Wednesday, I met up with my cousin Josh at The Pru and went to The Cheesecake Factory.  That’s the adventure – my first time there.  I cannot complain if the majority of my adventures this year turn out to be eating at new places; in fact, that would be quite brilliant!  🙂  I doubt it, but you never know!


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  1. Carrie K said,

    Happy Birthday! No, it doesn’t count the first time around. It’s the 3rd time you turn 38 that matters. 😉

    Stunning haikus. I like the warmth stolen one the best but the haiku about seizures – seizes my mind the way a mere explanation couldn’t.

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