September 27, 2011

A Plea from a Fan (whose nickname is Viv (that’s me!)

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My Dear Red Sox,
It has come to my attention that, in two days, your season may be over. My dear team, that is socially unacceptable, as well you know. To go home so early speaks of a “conceited independence” (cheers, Ms. Austen) which is not altogether seemly. Do reconsider this, for the sake of your family, your position in society, and your fans.



  1. Carrie#K said,

    Hey! Long time no see! At least on the blog.

    Sadly I am supremely indifferent to the Red Sox and all sports teams. Usually.

    • adrienne said,

      It didn’t work 😦 But, it’s a small step toward getting back to blogging. HI!

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