About Me

I’m modpix, and I live in Maine.  I love knitting, reading and writing.  My inner sci-fi being is emerging rapidly as well:)!  This blog is about everything and nothing in particular…


  1. Mamabird Wilhelm said,

    Well, I guess you can be a turtle too 🙂 How did you pick “Happy Haunted” Turtle? I’m a turtle because I’m with a bunny. We turtles may move slowly but we always get to our destination. Bunnies may start out leading the pack but often crash and burn along the way. That is my “whatever comes to mind” for now 🙂

  2. Sandy O said,

    hi, adrienne.

    thanks for the note on our blog! i just answered you there . . . check it out.

    sandy o

  3. Sandy O said,

    oh great, now that i sent you there, it’s gone off the page (i’ll have to check in with our web person about that).

    anyway, you wrote about meeting us at rob & gail’s and getting our cds with “swimming to the other side” (yes, that’s the title!). then you wrote that it made you think of a “silly” haiku.

    i wrote that that haiku was not silly at all–i think it’s beautiful! thanks for sharing it.


  4. Evie Sanchez said,

    Maine? Where in Maine? I lived in CT and my Dad has a cabin up in Caraboo (Carol) Maine…
    I so love your blog – and how neat to have bumped into you!! The people we meet and want to get to know….

    • modpix said,

      Thank you!! I’m so behind on it, but I’ll try to be better. 🙂 I grew up in Southern Maine, but now live on Deer Isle. I’m in Boston right now in graduate school, and would love to stay here. 🙂

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