February 8, 2010

Adventuring On…

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This year, some of my floormates proposed The Year of 52 Adventures – one adventure per week for 2010.  Sounds like a tall order, but the adventures can be as little or as big as you want.  Trying a new restaurant is an adventure.  Opening a new restaurant counts, too. 😛  I’m a little late listing mine, but I’ll try to be better.

Adventure the First – We finally had enough snow that didn’t blow away on the island to make our first snowman there – I dressed it.  (I said it could be small).

Adventure the Second – Attending an LIS online Career Fair at home, in my pajamas, next to the woodstove.  The classy way to attend such functions

Adventure the Third – My first conference!  The ALA Midwinter meeting was held here in Boston – very convenient for me!  It was fun, I wrote for Cognotes, the conference newspaper, and snagged 37  free books plus other goodies!!

Adventure the Fourth – A whirlwind and intense five-day course in Corporate Librarianship.  Visited a couple of such libraries in town, some fast presentations and short analyses, and done!

Adventure the Fifth – A trip to the MFA.  The Museum of Fine Arts is free to Simmons students, and a few of us took a trip last Friday back to Ancient Egypt.  It was a special exhibit, and it was amazing!!  The artwork was colorful and lovely, the boats were incredibly well-preserved, not to mention the head!  I think I need an Eye of Horus tattoo now…

April 19, 2009

I’m really bad at keeping up, but…

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the courseload keeps me busy!  I’ll be home this summer, reading for fun, remembering how to knit, writing biographies, learning Spanish and someday Japanese (can’t have Japanese baseball pitchers and not know how to yell at them like I do to our American pitchers, yes?).  In the meanwhile, here are some head shots from March’s MRI:


February 11, 2009

I’m Late with the Update…

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that I’m here, immersed in the Graduate School of Library and Information Science at Simmons College in Boston!  I’m nearly through the third week, and sick of the word “library.”  Is that bad?? 😉  As soon as I can steal my parents’ camera and bring it back here – I can provide pics of my corner single, the large number of Canadian geese making their daytime home on the residence campus, etc.  Yes, I’m living on campus, in the only coed dorm (the undergraduate program is all women).  It’s funny to see guys on my floor walking out of the shared bathroom in a towel, only to see them later (clothed) in a class.  It’s a level of intimacy I hadn’t quite anticipated (I thought there would be separate bathrooms; clearly, I’m getting old).  My co-workers told me my Mr. Right would be down here – maybe we’ve passed in the showers.  More later.

May 6, 2008

Librarians, Unite:)

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For I am hopefully going to join your ranks (well, in a year or three)! That’s the plan, anyway – I’m going to Simmons College in Boston next Spring for an MLIS. I’d say it was a career change, if I really had been having a career all along ;). Funny how Life manages to totally interrupt your life. Anyway – I haven’t had time to enjoy the thought of working toward something, because I’m too busy panicking over, well, Everything. Tuition, Housing, Living, Tuition. But I’m going, because…