March 9, 2008

The Bus Stop

Posted in Head Issues tagged , , at 9:33 pm by adrienne

recycle.jpgbus-stop-forest.jpgthe-bus-stop.jpg At my center, if you change into a gown for radiation, you have a nice little enclosed room.  If you have chemo, you get three waiting rooms with a big-arse fish tank as a dividing wall between two of them.  If, like me, you have radiation but can wear your street clothes, you wait at the Bus Stop.  That’s what they call it.  A long, benchlike couch in the hallway, and four chairs.  “Enclosed” by two half walls.  It’s tiny, totally exposed, and Rowdy.  Because treatment itself doesn’t take long, there are loads of people filing in and out of the Bus Stop everyday.  My people, those who are scheduled around my time everyday, are all older men with prostate issues!  We chat and laugh and cause others to stare at us when they go by.  Friday, I brought Hallmark’s Hoops and YoYo with me to capture the moment. It was empty in there that day, unfortunately.  They are propped up by my boss’ handbag in one shot, as their legs are not long enough to reach the floor:)!