May 21, 2011

A quick and dirty catch-up

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Yes, it’s been over a year since my last post, and lots of things have happened.  A random sampling includes –   a two-week seminar in London, a semester serving as President of the Library and Information Science Student Association, as well continuing to be Co-chair of Simmons International Relations student organization, graduating from Simmons, a crash course in teaching ESL, and now – the process of finding full-time employment.  That’s a full-time job in and of itself.

I have written a lot of haiku poems over the past year, and have managed to read a few books for pleasure as well.  Here are a couple of  poems:

Each night, the sky burns.
Angry flames sweep the ocean
and touching it, drown.

Nothing but the rain.
Turbulent oceans of sound
cradled in chaos.

I’ll leave this for now, but as I go forward – there will be bits of library-ness, book reviews, and one or two more haiku from the slowly growing stash.  🙂


April 16, 2010

Behind on my Adventures

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but having fun, and will try to record later.  In the meantime, I am behind on my daily haiku, but I have certainly been writing more.  Here’s  some recent stuff:

Sparkling in the light
of a million diamond stars,
oceans kiss the shore.

Sunlight drifting in,
smoothing away the cobwebs,
stirring consciousness.

Far away from Zen,
thousands of tiny needles
form traitorous tears.

The moment comes to “Play ball!”
Hearts and Hopes break. Fast.

March 22, 2010

Some New Haiku…

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If I ever write a book of poetry – I think I shall call it “Stash Haiku.”

The inertia hits
A wave that pulls you under
Soft and unyielding.

To Patsy Ann – a canine ship greeter in Juneau
who, though deaf, always knew when a ship was coming in. A statue
of her now sits on the dock to forever greet the ships:

Immortalized soul
Whose strange, gentle gift brought joy
to all travelers.

Thoughts flow unbidden
Blinding, enshrouding, until
All warmth surrenders.

Two-parter on – What it’s like to think you might be about to have a seizure:

Throat tightens, hand grips.
Threat of the simple partial
Slaps me in the face.

Panic stops my heart.
Cannot have anyone see,
Cannot be alone.

March 21, 2010

The 8th and 10th are linked, with a shot of 9th in between

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My 8th adventure this year was to get one of my haiku poems accepted into the Simmons literary magazine, Sidelines. It was my second acceptance, though I had two last year (I must be slipping!).  It’s a nice feeling, though.

My 10th was to join the Facebook group Haiku A Day.  I hope to test my creativity – give it more of a push than I have recently.  I reserve the right, however, to fall back on my older stash, and I firmly believe that haiku poems can be in two parts, like chapters.  Themed haiku. 🙂

And the 9th – Going to Boston Beerworks for the first time on 12 March.  I decided it was no longer fair that I wasn’t supposed to drink at all (thanks to issues from a brain tumor I didn’t ask for), and so after nearly 12 years of nothing more than a couple of  sips of alcohol, I drank two beers and a little vodka (over the course of the entire evening).  I’m not going to go crazy, of course, because that would be stupid, but I’m not always going to say no.  A defiant adventure, it was, I suppose.  Although the Beerworks is nice, and it was a fun evening with friends.

11th – First time at a JPLicks for ice cream.  Newbury Street.   19 March.  Kahlua – try it.  Be sure to get a cup – it’s very drippy.

February 12, 2010

Testing a Haiku or Two…

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Surrounded by fear,
One beating heart is stilled by
A forest of ghosts.

Rising from nowhere,
The fog blinds and terrifies,
And is gone once more.

September 17, 2008

Haiku on the Cheap

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A friend of mine gave me a small journal-type book for my haiku poems.  When I’m done scribbling on scraps, getting them okayed by two or three critics (I’d say ‘vetted’ if that word hadn’t been flogged to death), I write them nicely in the book.  Here are some examples:

Rain pounding through wind
Wakens the restless spirits
They slide between drops.

The heavens observe
Twined bodies drifting nightly
Through their lazy dance.

When a soul is lost
The wind may rage or whisper
And all is silence.

I love this book:)

May 31, 2008

Haiku in Review

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I grant you, my blog does not pop.  I don’t keep up with it, I don’t really do much with it at all.  Despite my best intentions, it sits neglected – no book reviews, no knitting, etc.  Maybe that’s why Blogger ate my other blog – a bit too dull?  Ah well – I WILL have the last haiku laugh – because I found them! Written here, there, and everywhere. So here’s some of my oldest stuff, written in green because green ink has an interesting history. Check out teabird melanie’s blog for the details.

Rain on the window
Thunder dances with lightning –
Cats sleep soundly on.

Gardens are busy
Butterflies and bees abound
Weeds are always there.

In a summer breeze
Despair of one is too deep
The tree sways softly.

Watching the snow fall
Each flake its own little world
Quietly perfect.

February 12, 2008

Different and Yet the Same

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This is my new blog.  It doesn’t exactly have more purpose than my last one, but I’ll try:)!  It happened because (no offense, exactly) Blogger ate my blogs!  All of them.  And the Gmail account attached to them.  It’s been a big problem for Blogger lately.  So there you are, and here I am at WordPress.  I’m still trying to find my way around my new blog options, but I promise more haiku, more knitting, more book “reviews” and the like.

Here’s a new haiku, trying to lighten a semi-serious situation of mine:

Glowing from within.
Shall that be my fate after
Radiation ends?

February 2, 2008

A New Beginning…

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Thanks to this site, found by Becky and teabird, I am participating in a Bloggers Silent Poetry Reading, with a favorite from Frost:

The Secret Sits

“We dance round in a ring and suppose,
But the Secret sits in the middle and knows.”

And an old haiku of my own:

Watching the snow fall,
Each flake its own little world,
Quietly perfect.